[TYPO3-templavoila] Display content with condition

Régis TEDONE regis.tedone at free.fr
Wed Feb 23 13:34:18 CET 2011

Using Typo3 4.4.6 and TV 1.5.3, I'm trying to display contents according 
to conditions.

In my DataStructure, I put this :

10 < lib.contentByZone

In a normal Template I put this :

lib.contentByZone=  COA_INT
lib.contentByZone.10  =  CONTENT
lib.contentByZone.10  {
         table=  tt_content
         select  {
                 andWhere.current=  1
                 andWhere.wrap=  uid IN(|)  AND(tx_rtcondnavigdata_zone=  0  OR tx_rtcondnavigdata_zone=  1)  

tx_rtcondnavigdata_zone  is a tt_content added field who store a geographic zone value as integer.

The result is ok, but, some contents such as "SiteMap Menu of Index" and "To top" links doesn't work anymore.

Another problem is that in certain pages, fe contents order doesn't repect the order of the contents in the backend.

Even if I place:select.orderBy=  field:sorting
in the TS select query.

Reproducing a selection of TV contents with TS stay for me a big mystery !!!

Any idea ?

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