[TYPO3-templavoila] Some problems with content slide and the use of columns

Elena Bartolotti elena-typo3 at intera.it
Mon Feb 7 13:21:40 CET 2011

Thank you, but let me explain my problems in a depth way.

In attachment you'll find ds.xml. The part about "intestazione" (the 
graphical header of my site) can  show you what I mean about the problem 
of repeating contents: I tried some solutions, but at the end I had to 
choose kbtvcontslide.

Then you'll find a seo.ts, that shows you my solution for the SEO part. 
What I need is a simple content element in every page: if it is empty, 
it has to show the same content of the parent page.
The script I used would work fine for my purpose, but I'd prefer to not 
use styles.content.getLeft and styles.content.getRight, that are 
excluded from TV.
Additionally when I write my content in the columns left or right, TYPO3 
move it to the normal column after saving.
So I'm searching for another solution.

I hope to get your precius help again!

Il 14/01/2011 15:56, Mario Šargač ha scritto:
> Elena,
> I think for the #1 you can use a "Reference" for a CE you need to
> reference or repeat on other pages (without TS, please google for
> referencing a CE, it's almost like copy-pasting).
> For the #2 I can't say a thing as I don't use columns.
> Best,
> Mario
> On 01/11/2011 10:42 AM, Elena Bartolotti wrote:
>> Hello everyone.
>> I have just started working with Templavoila and I'm stumbling in a
>> couple of issues for which I can't find good solutions.
>> I can start from the content slide.
>> Assuming that I prefer not to use Busy Noggin because I want to rattle
>> off Templavoila on my own and create my fce templates from scratch, the
>> most difficult problem for me is the management of content elements that
>> the user might want to repeat only on some pages of the site.
>> After several failed attempts to use the TS for this, I had to fall back
>> on" TV content Kb slide" for most of the contents I want to repeat. Is
>> this the only possible way? Can I use it for text input elements type
>> too?
>> The second issue is related to a solution which I then had to use just
>> for phrases for SEO, that I don't want to leave in the editor management.
>> So only for these, I opted for the classical system in four columns of
>> TYPO3, putting styles.content.getLeft and styles.content.getRight, with
>> the slide from a certain treelevel or page if the field is empty.
>> In my ignorance on TV, I don't found better solutions...
>> To do this I use the page module (not TV) and here I found a big
>> problem... a bug maybe: when I write my content in the columns left or
>> right, TYPO3 move it to the normal column after save.
>> Help me!
>> Any suggestion is welcome.
>> Thank you so much!
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