[TYPO3-templavoila] All DS from all GRSP are shown/selectable in TO-Record

Rutger Mik rutgermik at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 09:54:57 CET 2011

Hi Christian (and others),

When looking to solve the same problem, I found your post here.
It's an old post, but never the less the problem still exists.

I spoke to a some other TYPO3 integrators, and though it is not 
recognised as such, they all experienced this as a major problem.

We, for example, have a TYPO3 installation with many different websites 
for different customers. We use this to put online a complete website 
within the hour. Which works great.

Due to my naming conventions, all the default page templates of a 
customer is called 'TPL: default' (or 'FCE: default' for default FCE's).
This is getting very confusing, even after 2 websites.

I know this is not a bug, mainly because this is the expected result.
But why not adding a TSconfig option to turn off this behaviour?
This would help me (and many others) very much.

The GRSP is there for a reason and I think this behaviour of TemplaVoila 
makes TYPO3 less flexible.

Any thoughs on this?

Kind regards,


Op 26-3-2011 11:35, Christian Tauscher schreef:
> Hi!
> I'd like to diskuss the following issue:
> http://bugs.typo3.org/view.php?id=17939
> Is it a feature or is it a annoying feature ->  switch it off.
> I think its annoying and a bug, because:
> The bahavior bevore V 1.5.0 was correct as it respected the
> /G/eneral /R/ecord /S/torage /P/lace of a site.
> (btw: i am not really sure if this is the meaning of GRSP)
> Of cource you can define more than only one GRSP, but this is quite
> annoying and heavy to maintain.
> Back to topic:
> Typo3 is capable of storing multiple Websites within ONE Datatree. A
> feature wich i use quite often, as you ca see in the example screen on
> mantis. Its a kind of sandbox.
> So if TV starts to behave diffent with V1.5.0, and allways show all TO's
> of the whole tree, then the multi-site-feature becomes useless.
> OK, you can start giving individual Names for the TO/DS sets to tell
> them from each othe and not to mix up things, but this will lead to
> mistakes.
> One of my Projects: Numerous Micro-Sites for a companys salesmen. All
> are quite similar to each other, all of them use default
> TV-Wizard-Setup, but all of them have individual changes to fit certain
> needs.
> Ist nearly impossible to maintain my major "Micro-Site" with actually
> 134 individual customers since V1.5.0....
> If I'd like to share all sites all DS/TO, i'd set all Micro-Sites to use
> the same GRSP, but I prefer a clear separated structure.
> You see? What is your opinion about this?
> Did i miss to read a certain line in the docs?
> At least i would like to have a setup option to change back to the 1.4
> behaviour, but bevore I start this issue in Mantis, I'd like to hear
> your opinions.
> Thank you,
> Christian.

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