[TYPO3-templavoila] Versioning and TV

Michael Roth mic at mic-ha.de
Tue Apr 19 13:37:27 CEST 2011

Hi Group,

I placed this question on the general TYPO3 list and has been kindly
pointed to this group.

I've severe problems getting versioning and TV working together in the
live workspace only. TV and editing or creating new pages and records
works like a charm but...

...as soon as I press "Create a version of this page" nothing really
happens. I do get a new version as header but it is 100 percent
identical with the live version. Swaping doesn't do anything to the
changes I made. Step by Step

(everything via TV Page)

1. Adding new page
2. Adding some content (Text only)
3. Creating new version - version header is created and shown
4. Editing only Text within version
5. Save
6. Version = Onlineversion thus the changes are online...
7. Making a "Diff" -> no changes even pid and oid are shown and the new
version is shown as child (concerning the ids), obviously no changes to
the database are made.
8. Switching to classic mode in order to see what happend...nothing...

Everything afterwards - needless to say - has no further effect, neither
makes any sense ;)

I experience this behaviour in 4.4.x with TV 1.4 and 4.5.x with newest
versions. I do use DAM with TV DAM connector...but is this relevant?
What is relevant for TV in conjunction with versioning?

Anyone an idea?



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