[TYPO3-templavoila] Virus Warning in Mapping Module

Achim Eichhorn achim at die3.net
Sun Oct 17 10:26:19 CEST 2010


I have got the same problem Sebastian describes in his message.
I am using avira premium security suite, a pay version of free-av,
which I think should use the most actual heuristical techniques avira 
offers. Here are my exact avira version informations:

Produktversion 19.04.2010
Suchengine 14.10.2010
Virendefinitionsdatei 16.10.2010
Control Center 24.03.2010
Config Center 19.04.2010
Luke Filewalker 19.04.2010
AntiVir Guard 19.04.2010
Filter 24.03.2010
AntiVir MailGuard 19.04.2010
AntiSpam-Library 06.09.2010
AntiVir WebGuard 19.04.2010
Planer 24.03.2010
Updater 19.04.2010
Avira FireWall 19.04.2010
FireWall Filter #1 24.03.2010
FireWall Filter #2 24.03.2010
AntiVir ProActiv 19.04.2010
(Sorry, in german)

I work on my local apache-machine, so I can "cut" my LAN-cable
and turn off avira for working in this special environment,
but I am a little bit afraid, how this will turn out in the wild.
It will be a really problem, when installing actual templavoila
version on customers' production systems and working perhaps with
fces or page-templates suddenly would cause avira virus messages -
I don't even want to think about this. In this case - I would have
to cut my telefone cable, too...

I tried the patch you provided -  nothing changed, avira happily
finds viruses and seems very satsified with this unusual amount of work!

I don't think that we should wait, if avira in some future time changes
the heuristical algortihms.

Can anyone say, which code in the produced html files
cause the virus message?

With kind regards,


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