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Ron Hall ronslists at busynoggin.com
Wed Mar 3 15:09:06 CET 2010

The style of the tags is not a big issue for me but personally I would consider changing them a bit. Mostly I would not use a gradation for the background. Either use:

1) a solid background with white lettering. Different background colors per tag are OK but not essential as the text for the tags look different enough to be able to easily spot them. The fact the they are reversed in the box will set them off on the page.
2) white background with color lettering like the current data elements (CO, EL). This would keep a visual consistency with what is already in TV.
3) No background with color lettering. In this case they could be regular text instead of an image although you might want to bold the text since thinner letters with color have a tendency to feel a bit weak.

I lean toward #1 or #2.

Anyway, those are suggestions but none of it is a big issue for me. It would be a bigger issue if the interface were used regularly by editors rather than developers.

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On Mar 3, 2010, at 5:07 AM, Daniel Doesburg | Doesburg.biz wrote:

> Hi Dmitry,
> I understand your message. But I like the different colors for the tags. If you have a lot of header lines it's easier with different  colors.
> And the same for the body part.
> Other style is okay, but different colors for different tags would be fine.
> Kind regards,
> Daniel Doesburg
> Op 3-3-2010 10:41, Dmitry Dulepov schreef:
>> Hi guys (and girls)!
>> I need your opinion on a look change in TV. Please, have a look at these
>> two images:
>> http://img64.imageshack.us/img64/3673/tv01.png
>> http://img25.imageshack.us/img25/453/tv02.png
>> My questions are:
>> - isn't it an overhead to have a "Tag" column? HTML tag is always
>> visible in the "Content" column, so that "Tag" column does not look like
>> a useful addition
>> - do tag images look out of general Backend style to you? They look very
>> foregign to me. They are "modern", "cool" and whatever but they are of
>> totally different style
>> In my opinion "Tag" column should be removed because it only distracts
>> by its bright colors and do not add any value for mapping. Also I would
>> revert to use more conservative images for tags. Having one style is
>> good. Having many styles in the same application mean havoc.
>> Opinions?..
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