[TYPO3-templavoila] TV-Framework and switching page templates and updating TV

Ron Hall ronslists at busynoggin.com
Tue Jul 27 13:05:05 CEST 2010

Hello Stephan,

> do you know a link where this procedure (TV 1.3.7 >> TV 1.4.4) is described in detail?

I do not have this detailed out. On the sites I did last year on the non-extension version of the Framework, I have left running on TV 1.3.7 as there is not a compelling reason for me to upgrade right away. However, I am probably going to upgrade the documentation site shortly, so I may write guidance after that. 

But this is generally what I would do (working on a copy, of course, and checking operation with each step).

1) Rename all my DSs by prepending "old version --" to the name.
2) Upgrade TV to the latest. Set it up to use static DS and use the wizard to convert the DB DSs to static,
3) Install the TV framework but do NOT install its TOs
4) Relink all my TOs to the new DSs
5) Delete the old DSs

Somewhere in there you will need to use the skin selector to select your skin.

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