[TYPO3-templavoila] TemplaVoila in 4.4

Bjoern Pedersen bjoern.pedersen at frm2.tum.de
Mon Jul 26 17:12:44 CEST 2010

Am 26.07.2010 16:38, schrieb Christian Leicht:
> schrieb Tolleiv.Nietsch:
>> Yes it's still there - a trash icon can't be used because this is
>> already in use for the "delete" function. Check the manual under
>> mod.web_txtemplavoilaM1.enableDeleteIconForLocalElements ;)
>> What other icon would you use for "unlink" ?
> Hello again. I do not understand why the trash icon can´t be used again.
> Delete a item ist still delete a item?
> And trash ist the best way
> Christian
templavoila has to concepts of "deleting" items.
by default they are only unliked an can then be found e.g. in the
un-linked elements tab.

By activating

you will get an additional "delete" button whoich really deleted the
element immideatly.


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