[TYPO3-templavoila] Use TV input fields in head of page?

Gerhard Mehsel sparking at gmx.net
Wed Dec 15 13:02:27 CET 2010


I've a TV site template with two fields that are mapped as normal CEs.

In BE an editor fills one field with CEs and the second should be filled 
with a custom inline stylesheet (e.g HTML CE).

When the page is rendered the content of the stylesheet field should be 
put in between the head tags of the page with typoscript, e.g.
page.headerData.100 = TEXT
page.headerData.100 < content_of_the_TV_stylesheet_field

What I want to achieve:
A content editor should be able to edit his own custom stylesheet 
without touching any typoscript template or creating and linking .css 
files in fileadmin. If an editor puts some <style></style> in a normal 
content field, the document is not longer valid XHTML because style-tags 
are not allowed between body-tags.

Is that possible?


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