[TYPO3-templavoila] Page Module Look in Trunk

Ron Hall ronslists at busynoggin.com
Tue Aug 3 00:34:19 CEST 2010

Hi Tolleiv,

> just another idea. Keeping the title in the titlebar but hiding anything else if the element is not hovered.

I could see that though I will explain in a moment why I prefer the title not in the bar. The important thing is that the headline be visible. If the title is kept in the bar, it would be important to determine the color of the headline in both the hovered and non-hovered  state. The non-hovered state has a very light bar so I lean toward the text being dark if in that bar. The text would then white on the dark bar when hovered.

But you do lose a couple of things if you do this. One is a departure from the 4.4 standard look. Second is that the edit icons would need to go to the right (I now much prefer left) and it gets more cluttered in the bar particularly with long titles.

> I bring this up because there's one downside with the ideas (B) and (C) and that's the required space. This additional headline might be very spacing consuming e.g when used with nested container elements.

Actually, I more often run into the horizontal spacing being an issue. If you have side by side container elements (columns) then long titles plus the edit icons push the title bar too wide and make the bar very cluttered. In the Framework I actually will break the title into two lines when needed to keep the columns from pushing off the side of the screen (another reason to keep edit icons on the left of the bar).

As for vertical spacing, I hide the preview text after three lines. The user only has to see enough to identify the element any extra text means more scrolling for the editor to reach lower CEs.

In fact I would like to see two enhancements for that preview text.

1) A setting to break a "word" if it is over a certain number of characters. If you put a very long URL in an HTML element, it will make the BE preview on that element very wide. Particularly a problem when you have that element in a  column in the backend.
2) A setting to control the max number of characters or words shown in the preview text (though I just handle this with CSS). 

I have done a lot of editing on sites and one of the things that always annoyed me was the constant scrolling. I would scroll way down to the bottom and to the right side to edit a CE and upon save I would have to do ti all over again to edit its neighbor.

This is why I have done so much adjustment with CSS in the BE of the Framework to reduce horizontal and vertical scrolling. The only problem I have now is when long URLs are shown in the preview text hence my suggestion in #1.


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