[TYPO3-templavoila] templavoila BE pt_BR & pt problem

Nicola Cerchiari nicola.cerchiari at gmail.com
Fri Apr 23 14:55:48 CEST 2010

Hi all,
I got this porblem to solve.
In a multi-language single-tree web site with typo3 4.3.2 & TV 1.4.1 I need
to use langChildren = 1 with many languages, and everything worked fine till
i had to insert portuguese (pt) and brazilian portuguese (pt_BR).
In the BE "extended" tab I only see brazilian and not portuguese, even if
all the languages are correctly added into TYPO3.
When I checked on the page configuration I found that only the PT was
inserted as a child like this:
*<field index="field_content">*
*<value index="vDEF">171</value>*
*<value index="vNL">396</value>*
*<value index="vFR">303</value>*
*<value index="vDE">393</value>*
*<value index="vIT">360</value>*
*<value index="vPT">311</value>*
*<value index="vES">173</value>*
*<value index="vTR">394</value>*
*<value index="vZH"></value>*
and as I can understand what generate these fields only consider the first 2
letters of language code, in fact I can see that simplified chinese in coded
as ZH instead of "ZH_cn".

How can I solve this matter obtaining something like (i tried to insert it
manually but no changes):
<field index="field_content">
<value index="vDEF">171</value>
<value index="vBR">659</value>
<value index="vNL">396</value>
<value index="vFR">303</value>
<value index="vDE">393</value>
<value index="vIT">360</value>
<value index="vPT">311</value>
<value index="vES">173</value>
<value index="vTR">394</value>
<value index="vZH"></value>


Thank you all very much,

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