[TYPO3-templavoila] TV FCE Firewall extension

Christophe Stadler cs at cs-cc.com
Sat Apr 10 14:48:58 CEST 2010

Fantastic new Steffen, this would truely be an awesome way to customize BE

Really looking forward to it ...

On 4/10/10 12:41 PM, in article
mailman.1.1270896307.28628.typo3-project-templavoila at lists.typo3.org,
"Steffen Kamper" <info at sk-typo3.de> wrote:

> Hi,
> Marcus 'biesior' Biesioroff schrieb:
>> W dniu 2010-04-09 13:26, Christophe Stadler pisze:
>>> Hello,
>>> I've seen this podcast of the extension they call Templavoila Firewall:
>>> http://castor.t3o.punkt.de/files/templavoilafirewall.m4v
>> Well that's my dream too, however didn't see something like this in the TER
>> On the other hand I just found this ext:
>> [1]http://typo3.org/extensions/repository/view/fcecolumn/current/
>> it can be used to do similar task
> my plan is to add something like that in TV for next version. It's a
> very useful addition imho so i take care of.
> vg Steffen

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