[TYPO3-templavoila] Good practices: variants of the same HTML layout, what's your opinion?

Riccardo De Contardi riccardo.decontardi at bhuman.it
Fri Apr 2 12:05:20 CEST 2010


I think another good way could be be:

Leave in your HTML template:

<div class="myHeaderClass">
	...all your stuff...

Then, map here an ATTRIBUTE element in TV, choosing "class" as attribute  
and type="select" (or selector box, I don't remember exactly the name).
Last, edit your DS and add the values you need:

<items type="array">
   <numIndex index="0" type="array">
     <numIndex index="0">Background 1</numIndex>
     <numIndex index="1">myHeaderClass</numIndex>

   <numIndex index="1" type="array">
     <numIndex index="0">Background 2</numIndex>
     <numIndex index="1">myHeaderClass2</numIndex>

and so forth.


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