[TYPO3-templavoila] Can't chose my FCE's on certain new created pages ....

Daniel Rutzen ardan at gmx.net
Mon Sep 28 11:43:42 CEST 2009


I have a weird problem:
This is my page tree structure

-ROOT (with root template etc)
-- Page A [old]
-- Page B [old]
-- Page C [new!]
---- Subpage C1 [new!]
---- Subpage C2 [new!]
-- Page D [old]
-- Page E [old]
-- Page F [old]
---- Subpage F1 [old]
---- Subpage F2 [new!]

All [old]-marked pages were created before I installed templaVoila if I 
remember correctly.

When I use the TemplaVoila Page-Module on those [old] pages, and want to 
insert a new content element, I get the list of all my created FCE's, 
like usual.

But, on the new Page C and its subpages, I don't get that list.
I can only choose of the standard Typo3 Content Elements.

Though, the also new subpage F2 shows me my FCEs, but its parent
'Page F' is an old one.

I create all my pages using the List-Module

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