[TYPO3-templavoila] Section container with Content Element

Dan Lundgren (Pixelant AB) dan at pixelant.se
Wed Oct 14 09:12:39 CEST 2009


I'm trying to create an FCE with a Section which contains a container
and a dynamic number of content element's.

When I insert the FCE on a page and clicks the "add new:" icon a couple
of times it works as expected, but when I go to the page module there is
no "Create new element" icon. All I see is a list of the fields as shown

*	field_el 

*	field_el 

*	field_el 


The html looks like this:


<div class="root">

                             <div class="sc">


<div class="ce"></div>





The mapping looks like his:

class="root" mapped as CO outer

class="sc" mapped as SC inner

class="co" mapped as CO outer

class="ce" mapped as EL inner


If I exclude the SC and second CO I get the "Create new element" icon,
but then I can't create a dynamic number of elements.


Regards Dan Lundgren


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