[TYPO3-templavoila] TYPO3 4.2, newest TV, page create, how to permit user to change TS of page

Kay Strobach typo3 at kay-strobach.de
Thu May 7 20:18:00 CEST 2009

Hello Ron,

thanks for your answere.
But, the users ( here called Redakteur) have no access to any TV-Record 
(even read or write). They do not need it.
Additionally the fields for setting TO and DS are disabled (via exclude 
fields for the Redakteure. They can only add existing to/ts as fce to a 

But this user group is still able to change the to/ts when creating a 
new page via the "add new page button" above the pagetree in typo3 4.2.

After page creation the user has no chance to change the page ds/to, 
that's how i wanna have the settings.

It seems, that the wizards simply bypasses the security system of typo3.

Regards Kay

PS: Here are some screenshots, made step by step, for better description 
of the problem ;)

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