[TYPO3-templavoila] check TCEform maxitems for CE-fields in TV page module

Steffen Kamper info at sk-typo3.de
Thu Mar 26 11:02:52 CET 2009

Hi Franz,

Franz Koch schrieb:
> Hi Steffen,
>>> in pageDS you can configure some TCEform settings for all fields - 
>>> also for the content-element fields (eType "ce"). There you can use 
>>> all common TCEform settings from TCA, like maxitems, minitems, 
>>> multiple etc.
>>> Currently I have a request to only allow one CE in a certain field 
>>> and set the according TCEform setting, but TV page module is not 
>>> respecting this setting and allows multiple CEs to be added. By 
>>> digging the source of TVs page module I haven't found anything like 
>>> that, so I created a xclass and implemented it myself.
>>> Question is now - have I overseen something, so that this feature is 
>>> already there and I could drop my xclass?
>>> Is this feature of common interest to get added to TV if not already 
>>> there?
>> for sure - i consider it as a bug. Please create a patch and add it to 
>> the Bugtracker
> ok. For a quick solution for my problem I used some if-conditions to 
> check for the TCEform settings and compare those with the current record 
> number. Is there any BE-functionality that could be used for evaluating 
> the TCEform stuff which I should use instead of the if-conditions in the 
> final patch?

no, it's done manually. You could compare with t3lib_tceforms.

vg Steffen

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