[TYPO3-templavoila] Change orientation of multiple content areas inTV page module

Joerg Wagner [DigiLog] news.netfielders.de at digilog.de
Tue Mar 24 22:20:42 CET 2009

Hello Daniz,

fantastico! This is exactly what I was searching for.
Do you know by any chance whether these kind of TV / DS features are 
documented somewhere?

Cheers, Jörg.

Dennis Laudenbach schrieb:
> Hi Jörg,
> you can change the Design of the backend by extending the DS for the site, i.E.:
> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1" standalone="yes" ?>
> <t3datastructure>
>     <meta type="array">
>         <belayout>               
>             <![CDATA[           
>             <table width="99%" border="3" rules="all">                   
>                 <tr>
>                     <td width="99%">###field_inhaltoben###</td>
>                 </tr>   
>                 <tr>                           
>                     <td width="20%" valign="top">###field_inhaltlinks###</td>                           
>                     <td width="59%" valign="top">###field_inhaltmitte###</td>
>                     <td width="20%" valign="top">###field_inhaltrechts###</td>                     
>                 </tr>
>             </table>           
>             ]]>       
>         </belayout>
>     </meta>
>         <root type="array">
>                 <tx_templavoila type="array">
> Take a look at http://www.typo3.net/index.php?id=13&action=list_post&code_numbering=0&tid=59423&page=
> Ciao,
> Daniz
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> Betreff: [TYPO3-templavoila] Change orientation of multiple content areas inTV page module
> Hello all!
> I have a TV template with multiple content areas on the same page.
> Problem is that in page module these areas are all shown side by side (like multiple columns), which makes the horizontal space for each area rather small and does not at all reflect the positioning on my final page.
> Is there a way to change the side-by-side display of multiple CEs in TV page module? Showing CEs areas below each other would help a lot. Even better would be the possibility to organize them freely (side-by-side and above-below as needed).
> Thanks for any hints into the right direction.
> Cheers Jörg.
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