[TYPO3-templavoila] FCE - link inside of <h3>

Barbara Wijbenga bwijbenga at chello.nl
Tue Mar 24 11:52:25 CET 2009


You've been a very big help!

The only thing now is that the link is made in normal text and not in HTML 
(I get "<h3>&lt;a href=&quot;downloads/&quot; title=&quot;Downloads&quot; 
target=&quot;_top&quot; &gt;Downloads&lt;/a&gt;</h3>")

10 = TEXT
10.current = 1
10.typolink.parameter.field = field_link

I don't have 10.htmlSpecialChars on. Why doesn't this work the way I want 


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Hi Barbara,

if you use:

<div class='container-itemright'>
  <div class='text'>text</div>

You can wrap the <h3> as element,
create another element for the link (not mapped)
and refer in the TypoScript of the <h3> to the link.

10 = TEXT
10.current = 1
10.typolink.parameter.field = ###linkfield###

Please replace ###linkfield### with the correct name.


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Betreff: [TYPO3-templavoila] FCE - link inside of <h3>

Hi all.

I just started using Flexible Content Elements, and I don't get all of it 
yet. I can make a layout of two columns, but this I can't:

This is the HTML template:

<div class='container-itemright'>
  <a href=''>title</a>
  <div class='text'>text</div>

The href is being filled with an Attr. field.
I want an <h3> around the <a>.
If I use "wrap=<h3>|</h3>" in the DS, the <h3> ends up inside the <a> tags.
This is obviously not what I want.

And when the href Attr. field isn't filled, the <a> tag shouldn't be made at 
That's why I started with this:

<div class='container-itemright'>
  <div class='text'>text</div>

But this way, I have no idea how to get the <a> inside of the <h3>.

What is the best solution for this?


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