[TYPO3-templavoila] Thumb generation of DS and TO previewIcon

Patrick Gaumond gaumondpatrick-s-p-a-m at hotmail-sp-a-m.com
Mon Mar 9 14:21:19 CET 2009

Dmitry Dulepov wrote:

>> http://bugs.typo3.org/view.php?id=10643
> The bug report should be descriptive. It is not possible to understand what you mean with this bug report. TemplaVoila does not have any "relative icon" concept.
> Please, describe it better. Otherwise it can be "cleaned up" some time in the future.

 >(FTB page 49)
 >Icons for TOs and DSs
 >A really nice touch of DS and TO records is that you can attach icons 
 >to them which and used in the forms where people select them as 
 >templates/data structures.

This is the feature that "disappeared" in recent TV trunk.

I've added this text to bug 10643.


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