[TYPO3-templavoila] Thumb generation of DS and TO previewIcon

Ian Solo ian at webian.it
Mon Mar 9 12:11:05 CET 2009

I'm just checking out the SVN version in a new project.
First of all, thank you very much for the great job that you guys did 
and are doing in this extension!

I have a small problem.
With TV page module, when I edit a page or FCE record the relative icons 
aren't shown anymore.
I just have the list of TO names.

Can you please check if this happens to you too?
Else I should better check my installation.

Thank you in advance.

Steffen Kamper wrote:
> Hi,
> following feature was committed:
> When using previewIcons for DS or TO they are not resized but 
> displayed in orignal size.
> This enforce to create the icons in the prefered size.
> Now you have the possibility to set these preview icons to thumbs 
> (pageTS or userTS)
> mod.web_txtemplavoilaM2 {
>     dsPreviewIconThumb = 120x80
>     toPreviewIconThumb = 120x80
> }
> will resize the previewIcons to prefered size ([width]x[height])
> mod.web_txtemplavoilaM2 {
>     dsPreviewIconThumb = 1
>     toPreviewIconThumb = 1
> }
> will resize the previewIcons to standard BE thumb size (which is 56x56)
> without the setting previewIcons will displayed in original size (same 
> behaviour as before) which is the default.
> This is added to manual also.
> vg Steffen 

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