[TYPO3-templavoila] FCEs with plugins

matthibcn matthibcn at gmail.com
Mon Jun 8 12:38:32 CEST 2009


I haven´t found much about this and what I have found wasn´t working 
correctly, but I know at least some ppl are looking also for this:

This one looks very promising as you get the Flexform of the plugin in 
the FCE but does not work at all that way:


The other one, works at least that way, that you really get the plugin 
in yur FE but it does not find the images at all no matter how i try to 
put the path, the original plugin put in directly on the same page above 
does find the images and displays them corrctly..

Anyway, I want to know about the general concept:

I would need some kind of contentelement that includes the functionality 
of googlemap, mailform, sildeshow and some inputfields plus text

So, for the functionality there are already some good plugins out there 
to choose from, so it would be stupid/pointless to create a totaly new 
one just to duplicate the functionality of already existing ones

So the question is, is there a more elegant way than just to create a 
"dummypage" and ask the editor to make a copy of that one to have 
everything in place ??

This would be more than helpfull to have, otherwise rather than having 
tenthousand of plugins today we will have hundrethousends tomorrow just 
cause of the need to combine existing functionality in a "new" way



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