[TYPO3-templavoila] Data Structure error on heavy load

Tolleiv Nietsch info at tolleiv.de
Sun Jul 12 00:51:38 CEST 2009

Daniel Huf schrieb:

imho this can't be related to the NFS because TemplaVoila caches all the 
mapped templates in the database so no file-access is needed during 

There's a setting within TemplaVoila which prevents the rendering of the 
ugly yellow box:

10 = USER
10.userFunc = tx_templavoila_pi1->main_page
10.disableErrorMessages = 1

But maybe you should give us some more details how to reproduce it.

Best regards,

> Hi,
> We did some performance tests (60req per secs on 4clusters) and we got a 
> Like:
> Couldn't find a Data Structure set for table/row.
> Please select a Data Structure and Template Object first.
> we have an NFS mount for the files (TYPO3).
> What can I do to prevent this error ?
> Is it due to a bottleneck on the templavoilà ? Related to tt_news ?
> Thanks in advance,
> Daniel
> Sorry for the wrong posting before.


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