[TYPO3-templavoila] Survay: Which TV extensions do you use often?

Joerg Wagner [DigiLog] news.netfielders.de at digilog.de
Tue Dec 15 09:13:42 CET 2009

 > this already works, there is only one remaining problem when creating

Wahoo, this is great news!

tv_cont_slide and external DS files are definitely my most wanted!

The next two in my wish list would be:

3. any possibility to somehow restrict which FCE can be placed into 
which container. This (and much more) is contained in the unreleased AOE 
extension described in podcast "Casestory of improved TemplaVoila":

4. make FCE fields appear in the "List only this table" view of the list 
module. If they could be chosen there in the "set fields" box, they 
could be "mass edited" over multiple content elements or even over 
multiple pages in one single action. This is a feature wish though - no 
existing extension AFAIK.

Hint for those who did not yet find out:
Drag&Drop of FCEs in TV page module is already possible since the latest 
TV version (_without_ any additional extension like the buggy 

Cheers, Jörg.

Steffen Kamper schrieb am 11.12.2009 19:41:
> Hi Ron,
> Ron Hall schrieb:
>> Hi Steffen,
>> This is not actually an extension but I would love to see the option 
>> to have a datastructure kept as an external file. That would make 
>> editing easier and allow the datasctructures to be kept in SVN.
>> I would envision that a developer could choose on a DS by DS basis to 
>> have the XML in the database (as is now) or link to a file.
>> Thanks,
>> Ron
> this already works, there is only one remaining problem when creating 
> new elements. I have it on my list, and there is already some commented 
> out code in the new element wizard for.
> The setting for this "feature" can be seen by a little extension of 
> Bastian, who already solved it in a XCLASS:
> http://forge.typo3.org/projects/show/extension-np_includeds
> vg Steffen

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