[TYPO3-templavoila] FCE for fetching subparts from a HTML File

Thomas Moll tmoll at uni-koeln.de
Wed Aug 26 16:26:07 CEST 2009

Hi List,

I would like to create an FCE which includes a subpart from a HTML-File..  
and this worked fine... except of the relative links.
it was easy to do set the base URL with relPathPrefix, but now comes the  
tricky part: I Would like to let the user enter the base URL for each file.

In this code, everything (except for the file to include) is hardcoded  
("fileadmin/rrzk/dienste/opt" is just an example of a relPathPrefix)

10 {
   template = FILE
   template.file.current = 1
   relPathPrefix = fileadmin/rrzk/opt
   workOnSubpart = DOCUMENT

I googled a lot and found out how to read the values of unmapped fields  
(e.g. field_base, which I created) into TS Objects like TEXTs:
10 = TEXT
10.field = field_base

So I can output the second value... but how do I put it into relPathPrefix?
I tried:
relPathPrefix = field_base
relPathPrefix.field = field_base
relPathPrefix.parameter.field = field_base
relPathPrefix.data = field_base
relPathPrefix.value.field = field_base
relPathPrefix.value = field_base

is this possible?

And if YES, then: Is it possibel for "workOnSubpart = DOCUMENT" as well -  
so I could let the user choose which subpart to use

Best regards

Dipl.-Inf. Thomas Oliver Moll           University of Cologne
Mail: tmoll at uni-koeln.de                Rechenzentrum (RRZK)
Tel.: 49-(0)221-478-5524                Robert-Koch-Str. 10
                                         D-50931 Cologne (Germany)

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