[TYPO3-templavoila] problems on tv-pagemodule with pagetemplate with rte-field

Jens Bergau jens.bergau at gmx.de
Wed Apr 22 22:38:23 CEST 2009

is my question just silly or is this use-case something unexpectable or do i abuse templavoila with that use-case?
did just never someone else something like me before?

Jens Bergau wrote:

> Jens Bergau wrote:
>> Jens Bergau wrote:
>>> hi @ all,
>>> i have a pagetemplate with a field defined as rte-field. of course there
>>> are also content-fields. in the tv-pagemodul the content of the
>>> rte-field, filled in the properties of the actual page, is shown on the
>>> bottom below my 2 content-fields. the content-fields are styled with
>>> beLayout in ds-xml. the content of the rte-field is a link. when i click
>>> on this link, i suppose that i get the page-properties to edit this
>>> field or just simply only that rte-field for editing. but what happens
>>> is, that i get an error shown, that i would not have enough rights for
>>> doing that change. but i am logged in as an admin... can somebody hel p
>>> please, do i have to do something special to enable that function, or
>>> ist this just not implemented? or did i found a bug?
>>> cheers, Jens
>> additional info:
>> when i say 'the content of the rte-field is a link' i mean, that the
>> shown field-content on the tv-pagemodule is made as a link. the real
>> content of the field editable in the rte contains no link...!
> info v2.0:
> TYPO3 4.2.6
> TV 1.3.7

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