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Dmitry Dulepov dmitry at typo3.org
Sun Oct 5 21:47:30 CEST 2008


Thomas Rehhoff wrote:
> yes I agree with you, that they are good for grouping data, but I also 
> think, that tabs shouldn't just be used just because you can, ie, just 
> because they were introduced in 4.2, doesn't mean they make life easier. 
> Tabbed interfaces means many more clicks, to do the same job.  I just wanted 
> you to consider a possibility to be able to turn them off. Or use them 
> wisely. My argument is, that if you're a power user, it's much faster to 
> work without tabs, because you can scroll down the formular with the 
> mousewheel. Take the text CE - why does it always start on the "General" 
> tab, when say, 99% of the time, you want to work in the editor? If I work on 
> a daily basis with implementing designs (as I do), I know I'd quickly get 
> fed up with the tabbed interface in TV.

About opening on the "General" tab: this is exactly what frustrates me in the current TYPO3 BE :) I told Jens about it and he agreed that this is bad. As a minimum TYPO3 should guess what tab is the most wanted for the given element. Or may TYPO3 should just save what tab was open for this element type and for each opened element.

HCI questions are difficult and users never act as we think they will :( This is a major problem for us.

> There are plenty of people who want to know, how you can disable the tabbed 
> interface in 4.2 - Google at least showed up a lot of interest in this.

In my opinion the Backend should use completely different principles. Changes made in 4.2 were cosmetic and they were often made without any real usability evaluation ("I see tabs everywhere" or "I see docheaders everywhere"). As Jens said some time ago: "Do not it just because you can". This is exactly what happened to 4.2 (and happens now): many features go there just because they can go there. Thinking about users is not the top priority.

Btw, I am not ranting, I am thinking public. I think how to change it and make better UI for *users*, not for developers. I think about since May. This is long time. But I do not have clear view yet.

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