[TYPO3-templavoila] TV sidebars: I need examples (and beLayout too)

Niels Fröhling niels.froehling at adsignum.com
Tue Nov 18 23:53:07 CET 2008


I'm actually morphing the TV-GUI according to 4.2 styles (docHeader 
etc.); don't worry it's through overloading the current implementation 
and can be switched off (anytime and even live) by strippping a postfix 
from the class-name.

The basic configuration looks good, but the code has a door to unknown 
territory for me: TV-sidebars. There is just so much crazy code in there 
about it, there should be some people actually doing something with it. 
 From the code(ing-style) I may guess that Robert programmed it.

I would like you to send me screenshots of your exotic TV configurations 
(not only those related to sidebars), so I may sit down and think about 
an appropriate replacement or migration or just stretch of the current 
side-bar implementation. From my looks through the code is its not 
exactly differenciated wether sidebar contains "sticky" tools for the 
selected page, or if it may also contain parallel information to some 
complex degree.

Please show me your really hard fought sweated TV-modifications, I've 
not exactly the needed time (and patience) to create that much kind of 
in-production exotics.

Thank you very much, and you may mail me whatever you want to show, but 
let's discuss suggestions and POVs here.

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