[TYPO3-templavoila] Localization of a FCE

Franz Koch typo.removeformessage at fx-graefix.de
Mon Jul 21 22:18:14 CEST 2008

Hi Dmitry,

>> I've got the same problem and no solution. I don't wan't to use any 
>> inline-translation features of FCEs - so 'langDisable' and 
>> 'langChildren' are both set to 1 in my FCEs. When this is done, the 
>> 'localization guide/manual' tells me, that I should be able to 
>> translate the content element itself with the localization 
>> buttons/flags. I can do this in listView and default page module - but 
>> those don't show up for FCEs in the TV page module. So is this a bug 
>> in TV? I think so.
> I think you want "free" translation paradigm. If yes, you have to 
> activate it in TV using page TSConfig.

Thanks for your help, but I don't. I want the same (bound) content 
structure for all languages, but I don't want FCEs to be localized 
inline. All I want is to have the same possibility to use 'physical' 
language overlay records for FCEs as it's possible with regular content. 
I know that the FCE-fields can't be merged then, which is ok for me.
And it's working when I use list-module or regular page module. But TVs 
page module is simply not providing the nice translation flag below the 
element for FCEs where 'langDisable' is set to 1 - which means for me 
that not only the flexform should get translated, but the whole CE. So 
the language flag should also appear here.

See [1] for a example. The regular text CE can be translated by clicking 
on the british flag - the FCE not - but it should, because it's set to 
'<langDisable>1</langDisable>'. See what i mean? It's ok when the flag 
is missing for FCEs where inline-translation is enabled - but it should 
be there where it is disabled and the FCE's language is not set to 'all 

[1] http://hosting.elements-net.de/temp/fce-translation-problem.png
kind regards,
Franz Koch

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