[TYPO3-templavoila] Problem in a FCE with a section with linked Header and text

Ian Solo ian at webian.it
Wed Jan 30 17:56:14 CET 2008


I need to make a section with multiple abstracts.

To simplify, every abstract have this structure:
Header + Link text

I want that the Header have the same link as the "Link text".

If I make an FCE without sections it works.
The Header is linked to the same link of "Link text" with an HTML code 
like this:
<h2><a href="testlink/">Link text</a></h2>

But if I make an FCE with a section to have more than one abstract, the 
Header is not linked.

I have this bad HTML code:
<h2>&lt;a href=&quot;testlink/&quot; &gt;Link text&lt;/a&gt;</h2>

instead of the right one:
<h2><a href="testlink/">Link text</a></h2>

Any idea to how to solve this?


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