[TYPO3-templavoila] Problems with Special Chars in TemplaVoila!

Styrmir Magnússon styrmirm at hive.is
Tue Jan 8 23:15:47 CET 2008

Michael Bakonyi wrote:
> Bartosz Aninowski schrieb:
>>> If I then make a new Data Element and have the title with some of this
>>> special chars they will appear normally while I am inside the 
>>> TemplaVoila module. I then go to the List or Page module and there 
>>> the special chars in the Title of the Content have changed to 
>>> something else.
>> I've experienced same problem
> What TV-version do you use? I had the same problem I think but when I 
> updated to 1.44 it was gone (if I remember rightly I had to save the 
> FCEs again and clear the caches).
> Michael

Hi Michael

Thanks you, I tried to update TemplaVoila to 1.33 and that was no 
problem, then I went back to Modify my DS/TS and changed the title of 
one of my element to hægri and the same result. I get it right while 
inside TemplaVoila mapping but when I go to Page or List the element 
title is HÃ?gri.

Not that this is a very big problem I can have the title in english.


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