[TYPO3-templavoila] Template Files

Uschi Renziehausen typo3news at otherone.de
Mon Dec 29 21:30:34 CET 2008

Hi all (and especially Dmitry),

I applied the two patches in a test installation of mine and I like them a lot.
Can we please have them in, as a late Christmas present?

Kind regards, Uschi
Steffen Kamper wrote:
> Hi,
> just to inform you, i placed 2 patches in BT according to this file list.
> The first one (#10026) only beautify the list using styles defined for 
> the list view. This adds now well known table header, zebra rows, 
> hover-coloring and icons for view and create new.
> The second one (#10030) sets the default templatePath to 
> fileadmin/templates by defining
> mod.web_txtemplavoilaM2.templatePath = templates
> which is anyway the recommended path, the new site wizard uses it also. 
> Secondely it allows to define more than one path, so you can easy 
> configure all the paths where your html-files are in and can create new 
> page-DS/TO or FCEs from this list.
> I didn't knew this parameter before, though it's in the manual. May be a 
> lot of people doesn't know that too as i asked some time before how to 
> create new templates and only got answer that this is part of the 
> file-list using the context menu.
> Now it's more easy to do this from inside TV-Module.
> vg Steffen

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