[TYPO3-templavoila] TCEforms date field renders as sequence of 10 numerics instead of formated date in FE & BE

Dmitry Dulepov dmitry.dulepov at gmail.com
Tue Dec 2 09:17:23 CET 2008


Christophe Stadler wrote:
> Following up on a previous post of mine i have tried to find a solution to
> this and am stuck. 

What previous post?

> Whereas the date is formated correctly in the backend form, the front end
> displays random numeric characters ..
>  .. so instead of 04.10.2007 i get 1191448800

This is basic TypoScript. You need to have certain TypoScript in
your DS if you want field to be formatted as date in the frontend.
It is for any field and not realy TemplaVoila specific.

(Probablt sounds very cryptic for you right now but you will learn,
do not worry)

> But the weird thing is that when i edit the FCE again the date appears
> correctly in the fields. But in the general backend overview and in the
> frontend the dates are replaced with these numerics.

It happens because BE and FE use different ways to represent the
data. For BE it is 'eval' in $TCA, for FE it is TypoScript.

> Here is the corresponding part of the xml from the FCE template DS:
>                             <field_eventdate type="array">
>                                 <tx_templavoila type="array">
>                                     <title>Date</title>
>                                     <sample_data type="array">
>                                         <numIndex index="0"></numIndex>
>                                     </sample_data>
>                                     <eType>input</eType>
>                                     <proc type="array">
>                                         <HSC type="integer">1</HSC>


	strftime = %c

>                                     </proc>
>                                 </tx_templavoila>
>                                 <TCEforms type="array">
>                                     <config type="array">
>                                         <type>input</type>
>                                         <size>10</size>
>                                         <eval>date</eval>
>                                     </config>
>                                     <label>Date</label>
>                                 </TCEforms>
>                             </field_eventdate>
> I'm mystyfied ...

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