[TYPO3-templavoila] use latin templates, not utf8!

stefano cecere scecere at krur.com
Mon Dec 1 17:28:07 CET 2008

Xavier Perseguers wrote:
> Hi,
>> Niels Fröhling wrote:
>>> You want to imply that static template files can't contain UTF8s? I
>>> thought this can be reached soley by setting a correct BOM to the file?
>>> Otherwise, please explain the issue, I would say this is not such a
>>> complex fault, that we couldn't take care of it quickly.
>> I always do sites in UTF-8 and my sites usually contain nonlatin
>> characters.
>> It is a question of proper exporting/importing.

i agree.
sorry for the OT, but maybe other people could find problems importing/exporting utf8 templavoilà tempaltes....

i had no problem until i keep working on Debian and BSD servers (got 5 different flavuors)
sites went in & out each of them without any problem

now that i am using a Gentoo server i started having problems with serialize/utf8 stuff with imported / exported UTF8 data.

i guess that Gentoo is a bit more "pure" in handling UTF8... but could it be that all other servers are not well configured?

so, as a workaround to prevent big headache, i decided to keep all html templates in plain.

so.. the problem per se is not the way Templavoilà works with utf8 (which seems to work well.. i had several templates utf8ed)
but different handling of utf8 db (dumps etc)

i am still evaluating what could be the configuration difference... meanwhile i keep all html in pure ascii code :)

thanks for the support

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