[TYPO3-templavoila] How to modify (default) Header and maxImage Size on right Column?

Christian Wolff Chris at connye.com
Wed Apr 2 19:19:15 CEST 2008

On Wed, 02 Apr 2008 12:52:23 +0200, H. Reimers <h.reimers at neonaut.de>  

> GREAT... It works fine... thank you very much..
> but i'm new in TV and Typo3... could you explain with the TS please for
> understanding why it works and what is it really doing... and why i must
> write maxImageWidthInText and not like in TS maxWInText?
> thanks
> ___________________________________________________________
> here's the complete code in the DS (for other people with the same  
> problem)
>         5 = LOAD_REGISTER
>         5.maxImageWidthInText = 50
>         5.maxImageWidth = 80
>         5.defaultHeaderType = 3
>         10 = RECORDS
>         10.source.current = 1
>         10.tables = tt_content
>         10.wrap = <!--TYPO3SEARCH_begin--> | <!--TYPO3SEARCH_end-->
>         15 = RESTORE_REGISTER

I try My luck in explaining it to you,
the main trick here is that we work with registers is  some kind of a  
global "stack"
with LOAD_REGISTER you a an new data on top of the stack.
TS get Parsed, then after Parsing of all Typoscript Typo3 Initiates  
Rendering Objects
To "render" The Typoscript. LOAD_REGISTER and RESTORE_REGISTER are such  
wich modifiy the Register Stack other objects like can accsess the Stack,
this is mostly done over the stdWrap functionalitys. back to the code:

in the example TS above you put these values on the stack:

maxImageWidthInText = 50
maxImageWidth = 80
defaultHeaderType = 3

now if any other object is trying to get data from  
(or one of the other ones) your value is returned)


undoes the last load_register Operation.

so thats how registers work... but how dose the image object know to react  
this registervalue maxImageWidthInText,maxImageWidth,

the magic here layes in css_styled_content the common rendering  
defiontions for tt_content

css_styled_content basicly populates tt_content.* with some default  
innstruction on how data of this table should be rendered.

an here are also some default register checks defined

you can modify the TS in tt_content.* to use your own new register values  
for special puroses.

greets chris

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