[TYPO3-templavoila] FCE with User Login

Sven Wolfermann sven at maddesigns.de
Wed Sep 26 21:30:14 CEST 2007

Ok, I will try.
Do you think a redirect to login page and back is possible too?

Regards, Sven

Francois Suter schrieb:
> Hi,
>> Is it possible, that some fields in a FCE are user restricted fields, 
>> means that some fields are only visible if a user is logged in.
>> Someone understand my question?
> I think so :-)
> Basically the output of your FCE is entirely driven by TypoScript, 
> either because it directly references some TypoScript (when a field is 
> of type TypoScript Object Path) or because the rendering is defined 
> using TypoScript. For example, a field designed to contain Content 
> Elements is rendered as:
> [snip]
> <eType>ce</eType>
> <TypoScript>
>     10= RECORDS
>     10.source.current=1
>     10.tables = tt_content
>     10.wrap = &lt;!--TYPO3SEARCH_begin--&gt;|&lt;!--TYPO3SEARCH_end--&gt;
> </TypoScript>
> [/snip]
> So if you add a condition in that place (either [usergroup = x, y] or 
> [loginUser = x, y]) you should be able to filter your rendering 
> according to identification (to just test login or no login, use 
> [loginUser = *]).

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