[TYPO3-templavoila] Data structure selector content missing in flexible content element

Hans van Dijk hans at netklaar.nl
Thu May 31 16:02:45 CEST 2007


Something is wrong with my Templavoila installation (Typo3 4.0.6. TV  
I can not select a data structure anymore in a Flexible Content Element.
When I create e new content element with the New Content page wizard,  
the FCE's do not show up in the page, so I can not select one anymore.

In the previously created Flexible Content Elements, I get a value of  
In the frontend all looks well! Even if I put an excisting value of a  
TV object in the "tx_templavoila_ds" and "tx_templavoila_to"  columns  
in a new tt_content record, everyting goes well in the frontend and  
in the BE. I can put in the values in the fce elements in the BE and  
it shows in the FE, but the [INVALID VALUE ("3") stays in the  
selector box.

It seems like a relation or a reference to a relation is disappeared!?
Anyone knows in which table to look for missing records?

Thank you in advance...

Regards, Hans

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