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koen_gate74 koen at gate74.com
Fri May 11 22:42:05 CEST 2007

Miriam Torbeck wrote:
> Hello Koen and Kris!
> Am Dienstag, den 10.04.2007, 23:55 +0200 schrieb koen_gate74:
>> We are afraid it's a silly question, but we are stuck on it the last 
>> days. We know workarounds, but something tells us there must be a 
>> better, cleaner way.
>> Our problem is, that we'ld like to create a site template with an header 
>> (with logo and menu level 1), a footer and an area where we can include 
>> the different page (sub)templates.
> Yes, that's a typical question for TemplaVoila. Did you do the
> Futuristic Template Building Tutorial (FTB)? This would enlight you
> right away ;-)
> And your specific question is answered also.
>> This could be for example a subtemplate with 3 columns, where the left 
>> one is a menu level 2, the middle a free content area (flexible content) 
>> and the right for news and promotions. Or another subtemplate with 2 
>> columns or one with 1 area etc. (See attchment for visualisation of the 
>> problem)
>> It would be even more perfect if the 'end user' doesn't see the site 
>> template, but only chooses between the page (sub)templates.
>> (Has this something to do with the default template?)
> Yes, if you like to do it that way, this is a natural way of using
> TemplaVoila. Template structures in TYPO3 are generally handed over to
> sites below - so the editor only needs to use the default template for a
> new site in order to use the same one that has been chosen "above".
> Using TemplaVoila you can create Flexible Content Elements, which fully
> substitute the normal TYPO3-Content Elements (i.e. text, text w/ pic,
> etc.) 
>> The way we interprete TV from the tutorials, is that you reapat the 
>> header and footer part on each site template. But if there are 10 page 
>> templates and you have to change the header, you have to do this on the 
>> 10 page templates, and with the system of the site tempalte with 
>> different subtemplates, you only have to do this on one place.
> No, you should create a basic page template with a sort of "grid" where
> you can put in your specific content elements with everything needed to
> fulfil the task of showing the content in the desired way. So you are
> able to create a "wrapper" for the different Flexible Content Elements
> you create additionally to the first page template. Different Flexible
> Content Elements can be chosen by the editors on a "per page basis" or
> within each page - thats up to you. You can even "slide" content
> elements down the line in order to put content on the site, where the
> editor has chosen not to use or put own content in. 
> But I think the key point to you is, that you create some sort of
> Master-Template first and additional Flexible Content Elements (FCE)
> with the desired behavior (3 columns, 2 columns, 1 column - whatever)
> for your Editors. The editor creates then new sites by chosing the
> default template (your "grid") and then the FCE from what he needs to
> use for this specific page.  
>> We suspect that we see it probably not the right way, but maybe a little 
>> hint can point us to the right direction on the global view of TV on this.
> I really recommend doing the FTB-Tutorial - you will understand each
> point of your questions within about 3 hours. In this tutorial there is
> an explanation to create "content areas", in which FCE can be used by
> editors. Where you create content areas in your specific template is
> completly your decision - is that the missing link?
> HTH,
> best regards,
> Miriam

Hi Miriam,

Thanks again for your good advice.
We are now up and running with Templavoila. :-)))

A good lesson we learned:
Don't start guessing and thinking too far before you totaly finish the 
tutorial. :-)))))

Kind regards,
Kris & Koen

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