[TYPO3-templavoila] Drag n Drop

Philipp Holdener philipp at holdener.ch
Thu May 3 15:19:05 CEST 2007

"Tapio Markula"
> Jens Hoffmann kirjoitti:
>> <still_offtopic>
>>     Cool that you like it *getting red* :)
>>     We are a huge and active community and if
>>     we do it step by step .. all together ...
>>         I think it could be possible to handle this
>>         large amount of work. I'm willing to do my
>>         best to push the HCI ... but i can't code :(
>>     But imagine how sexy it could get :)
>> </still_offtopic>
> For each content area there is automatic generated id:
> $cells[]='<td id="'.$cellID.'"
> The id is possible to define manually and that is not a big
> problem. Anyway own template needs some manual extra coding

If you really put this together in templavoila.. changing belayout fur 
beuser would be nice! :-)
Is this to complex?

Best wishes


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