[TYPO3-templavoila] preview and compare shows template error?

werner mueller werner.mueller at mimacom.ch
Wed Mar 28 14:26:43 CEST 2007


> Judging from text, this message seems to be about TypoScript template. 
> TemplaVoila says about DS or TO, not just about "template".

Well thats a historic naming issue that caused quite some confusion at 
the beginning. for me as the webmaster, i want a website template that 
shows my website the way i want it. when it comes to typo3, that 
'template' is split into DS, TO and the template (typoscript) part. when 
creating a template one needs to do all 3 things. of course template is 
the perfect generic word to get confused. developers associate template 
with the typoscrip part, the standard starting people associate it with 
the whole thing. so for me: a template is the all-in-one configuration 
that builds my html code for the browser.

maybe some naming could be done for typo3 5.0
other story anyway...

> Hard to say. Never encountered this, though all my sites use templavoila 
> and some use workspaces.

well that gives some hope :)
thing is the preview in my 'drafty' workspace works normally. the 
preview of a new version does not want to... i'll have a look whats 
going on there...

'til later!

thanks :-)

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