[TYPO3-templavoila] Disable template select wizard?

Franz Koch typo at fx.MINUS.graefix.DOT.de
Sat Mar 3 01:37:48 CET 2007

Hi Dimitry,

> Franz Koch wrote:
>> is it possible to skip/disable the template selection wizard of TV 
>> when creating new pages over the wizard? Haven't found anything in the 
>> documentation or on the web. Thanks.
> Do you mean that page should be created with default template in that 
> case? What would be the best: disable it for a user or globally (I 
> prefer user TSConfig).

Yes - it then should be created with default template, or let's say, with no template at all, because it is inherited from the rootpage. If it would be configurable with page or user TS would be a really nice feature. The pros and cons already have been mentioned for both of the configuration places - but I think userTS is a must have in that case.

I know that I can define a default value for the TO and DS fields with TCEMAIN (or TCEFORM - whatever) - but the wizard would still be shown and predefined inheritance by the admin might be overridden by new created subpages in some branches if not carefully configured - so predefining the TO or DS value is not a practical thing.

I think for most pages it is not necessary to frequently switch templates, so that the template wizard is more confusing editors then guiding them  - that's why I was asking if it can be disabled/skipped.

Another Idea of mine is to change the way templates get selected when modifying the pageheader. The dropdowns are nice for admins, but I think it would be better to only provide template icons (maybe combined with a dropdown like currently) and skip the DS part which is more then confusing for editors I my eyes. Just like currently in the template wizard, where you also can only choose between templates and not DS. What do you think? I only can tell from my experience with customers.

Kind regards,
Franz Koch

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