[TYPO3-templavoila] Where can I find the information of the allocation of a page content element to a TV-Content Element?

lee perry leeperry at slack.de
Wed Jun 13 18:04:21 CEST 2007

thanx for the information, Dmitry.
It's good to know now, but not so good to know how :)

In this case there is no way to find out, for example where is one page 
content element allocated - to the Content Element "Content" or to 
"Marginal", using a CONTENT-object with a select in TypoScript...

Anyway, ... in my case I can take another way to rome...

> lee perry wrote:
>> I've compared two page content elements of one page (one element 
>> inserted in "Content" and the other in "Marginal") in the database. It 
>> seems to be there is no information in the tt_content about this 
>> allocation (the column "cols" of both page content elements is "0" in 
>> the tt_content) and by a manually swapping of both uids directly in 
>> the database, every page content element was now inserted in the other 
>> Content Element. That means the information about the allocation is 
>> saved somewhere else - but where?
> pages.tx_templavoila_flex

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