[TYPO3-templavoila] Where can I find the information of the allocation of a page content element to a TV-Content Element?

lee perry leeperry at slack.de
Wed Jun 13 16:39:37 CEST 2007

Hey there,

I have two Content Elements ("Content" and "Marginal") in the data 
structure of my TemplaVoila Page Template. In those Content Elements I 
can put any page content object, like a FCE.

These page content elements will be saved in the table tt_content, 
normally. Now my question:
In which database field can I find the information, in which Content 
Element ("Content" or "Marginal") this page content element is inserted?

I've compared two page content elements of one page (one element 
inserted in "Content" and the other in "Marginal") in the database. It 
seems to be there is no information in the tt_content about this 
allocation (the column "cols" of both page content elements is "0" in 
the tt_content) and by a manually swapping of both uids directly in the 
database, every page content element was now inserted in the other 
Content Element. That means the information about the allocation is 
saved somewhere else - but where?

Thanx for any help.

Bye and cu

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