[TYPO3-templavoila] templavoila mulitlanguage

Uschi Renziehausen typo3news at otherone.de
Fri Jul 6 08:29:34 CEST 2007

Hello :)

Francois Suter wrote:

> I would use a TypoScript Object Path and point it to a TEXT cObj, but 
> there may be a better way...

I am using a typoscript object path as well, but in a perhaps unusual 
way. I have an xml-file that has the same structure as normal 
locallang.xml has.
There to store e.g. common website values, things like 'Skip 
navigation', 'Go to content' etc. This file is stored somewhere under 
fileadmin. My TS looks like this:

lib.wac_headline_mainmenu = TEXT
lib.wac_headline_mainmenu {
value = {LLL:fileadmin/lang/locallang_common_website_values.xml:main_menu}
	insertData = 1

I am using an xml-file because i want to keep my translations
1) consistent
2) reusable in other projects.

It would save me a lot of time if i could insert those LLL-vars directly 
into my DS by choosing an e-type 'LLL reference' or so.

Have a nice Sunday, Uschi

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