[TYPO3-templavoila] FCEs not showing anymore

Vincent TV list templavoila at vincnet.nl
Tue Jan 23 12:26:49 CET 2007

Hello folks,

I'm having the same experience. Of course cache etc. is cleared multiple
times with no results. And the TO is mapped.


Op 23/1/2007 schreef "Dmitry Dulepov" <dmitry at typo3.org>:

>Benjamin Mack wrote:
>> I have this strange problem with FCEs. I had to remap my TOs during a
>> small update in my template, and now the content is shown but not the
>> FCEs. So, I get the page output and all elements, except this:
>> <!--  CONTENT ELEMENT, uid:241/templavoila_pi1 [begin] -->
>>     <a id="c241"></a>
>> <!--  CONTENT ELEMENT, uid:241/templavoila_pi1 [end] -->
>> Anybody ran into the same problems?
>I have a bit stupid questions:
>- Is TO still mapped?
>- Did you try to clear cache? It magically helps sometimes.
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