[TYPO3-templavoila] Misbehaving RTE-Fields - Was: Re: ANN: TemplaVoila 1.2

Miriam Torbeck miriam at torbeck.de
Mon Jan 22 10:20:59 CET 2007

Hello Tom!

I did not check the new TV-Version but can tell you that in my 
installation this does not occur.

Tom Walter wrote:

 >> TemplaVoila 1.2 is released. Here is what in this new version:
 >>  # Fixed bug 4812: RTE field does not respect system RTE configuration
 > But even with the new 1.2 Release the RTE in the TCE behaves 
different from the RTE used in the standard "Text"-Element.
 > I made a testpage with two RTE-areas (right is part of the FCE - 
below the image is the Text-area) The FCE does not show the raqou before 
the link as it is supposed to.

Sorry, but I checked that right away in some of my installations, and 
cannot reproduce this behavior. Depending on the configuration of the 
RTE itself and the config in the DS there can be differences in the 
look, but I never saw different interpretation of HTML-Code. This seems 
odd, because the underlying processes should be the same.

 > http://www.onesimus-dienste.de/index.php?id=54
 > Does anybody has any idea about this ?
 > Tom

I usually change the buttonlist of the RTE-field which comes along with 
  normally inserted "bodytext area with RTE" to fit my needs in the 
special case, i.e.:


Without changes it was formed like this 
 >richtext[*]:rte_transform[flag=rte_enabled|mode=ts_css] and showed 
therefore all available buttons from the RTE-Configuration in the 
Extension Manager (minimal, typical, demo).

If I understand the new versions change correctly then from now on the 
bodytext area field will use the Page TSconfig values, which is indeed 
an significant advantage in the handling of FCEs. So this above 
configuration of the showed buttons should not be necessary anymore.

But this is only a "Show" of available buttons in the RTE. The 
configuration of parsing behavior was always determined by the Page 
TSconfig (or User TSconfig), right?

Best regards,

M. Torbeck

mailto:moto.nord at gmail.com


M. Torbeck

mailto:miriam at torbeck.de

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