[TYPO3-templavoila] Odd TV-related sql error

Christopher Torgalson bedlamhotelnospam at gnospammail.com
Thu Jan 18 22:36:31 CET 2007

Christopher Torgalson wrote:
> Hi there,
> Dmitry Dulepov wrote:
>> Christopher Torgalson wrote:
>>> A client reported sql errors in the BE of a site, so I enabled the 
>>> sql debug setting in the install tool to find out what there were. 
>>> Here's the result:
>> Are you sure that this does not come from another extension? 
>> tx_templavoila_next_ds exists only in pages and I could not find any 
>> code in tv that uses this field for tt_content.
> Not at all sure at the moment, just trying to narrow down the 
> possibilities.
> -CT

More info & cross-posted to .dev. Some of the info below duplicates what 
was in the original message, but this way it's all in one place:

1. Summary:

-- error messages occurring when content records are saved in the BE
-- debug shows they're caused by a nonsensical TV-related SQL query.

2. The debug output again:


Unknown column 'tx_templavoila_next_ds' in 'field list'

SELECT uid,tx_templavoila_ds,pid,tx_templavoila_next_ds
FROM tt_content
WHERE uid=13
AND tt_content.deleted=0

sc_alt_doc->processdata //
t3lib_tcemain->process_datamap //
t3lib_tcemain->updatedb //
t3lib_tcemain->updaterefindex //
t3lib_refindex->updaterefindextable // 
t3lib_refindex->generaterefindexdata //
t3lib_refindex->getrelations //
t3lib_befunc::getflexformds //
t3lib_db->exec_selectquery // t3lib_db->debug

3. The problem has no obvious connection to any extension (there are two 
custom extensions on the site, but the problem persists even if they are 
uninstalled and all caches cleared). Besides the two custom extensions 
(neither of which has any special relation to TV), the extensions in use 
on the site are very common ones, principally:

--TYPO3 4.0.4 + system versions of rtehtmlarea, css_styled_content and 
--RealURL 1.1.3
--TV 1.1.1
--Static Info Tables 2.0.0
--macina_searchbox 2.0.0

4. The same error (or a variation) also apparently occurs /every time/ 
the reference index functions are invoked (e.g. when the Reference Index 
tools in Tools -> DB Check are used).

5. The uid referred to in the lastBuiltQuery is the uid of the PAGE 
record, NOT the content record.

6. tx_templavoila_ds and tx_templavoila_next_ds are tables in pages, NOT 

7. The errors cease if TV is disabled.

I'm cross-posting to .dev because it's not completely clear to me that 
it's TV's /fault/, though it's clearly related.

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