[TYPO3-templavoila] Output of Content Elements missing

Joerg Jakobs jakobs at informatik.uni-muenchen.de
Mon Jan 15 11:52:43 CET 2007

Hi all,
I have the problem that the element type "content elements" is not 
rendered in my templates. The template in general works quite good: In 
the new page module I can enter some content, for plain input fields 
(the TV element type) as well as text, images etc. for TV-type "content 
elements". But, when I change to the view module (or preview) everything 
is perfectly rendered but not the content of any data field declared as 
"content elements" (all other element types like "plain input field" 
work). The wrap-function only puts the "Typo-Search"-markers into the 
output, but no content.
I used a plain installation of the latest software versions (typo3 
4.0.3, tv installed via TER).

Has somebody any idea what the error could be or how I could continue 
searching for it?

Thanks in advance,

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