[TYPO3-templavoila] Extensiondeveloping with TV as BASE

Dmitry Dulepov dmitry at typo3.org
Fri Jan 12 11:13:42 CET 2007


Andreas Jonderko wrote:
> I'm on the run to make my thesis together with TemplaVoila and I need 
> some information about the integration of my own extension into typo3 
> and specially templaVoila.

If you need FE-related API, good starting piint would tvloginbox and 

> My goals are to make it possible to create very fast dynamic and 
> flexible contents with the ajax component. In short: This extension 
> would change the hole Typo3 CMS into an "Rich Internet Application" with 
> dynamic self-made FCEs, which would also use ajax. I know, much work for 
> me :)

And very ambitious plan ;)

> At the moment, Im at the concept creation, so I would be very 
> happy about some hints where to get informations about the TemplaVoila 
> API. Until now i know that you can override some functions using HOOKs 
> etc., but is there more?

I afraid you have to go the hard way: study source code.

> Concrete, I want to reuse and override some functions like:
> -Click menus -> this shoud be easy ...

This is not TV-specific :)

> -TO/DS creation -> extend every mapped or unmapped element with my own 
> "processType", change rendering ?

Same: it is generic typo3 functionality: you can add whatever fields you 

> -TV->pageModule -> extend the inserted content element with some 
> MetaData like "linking to other FCE" and so on

You may need to rewrite parts of page module.

> - where shoud i make my integration? Shoud I call my own extension from 
> TV itself, or the other way?

Not from TV because TV is not going to depend on other extensions. 
However if you need [reasonable] hooks, you can get them if you ask :)

> I hope someone can help me with this questions a little bit, I know that 
>     most of the work I shoud do by myself watching the sourcecode :)

Unfortunately, yes :( There is no developer's guide for now.

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