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Wed Feb 7 16:55:05 CET 2007

insert a Script element. I've inserted one in a content area defined by TV
with "advert" as the code field.

My typoscript follows:

# Advert script content element
tt_content.script = CASE
tt_content.script.key.field = select_key
tt_content.script.advert = USER_INT
tt_content.script.advert {
userFunc = user_test_library_class->test
includeLibs = fileadmin/inc/test.php

test.php contains the following:

class user_test_library_class {
var $cObj; // reference to the calling object.

function test($content,$conf) {
global $TSFE;

return 'HELLO WORLD';

This is a simple test to get "HELLO WORLD" to appear where I would otherwise
have an advertisement. However, thus far it does not seem to be working.

Could someone point me in the proper direction?



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